Zippy Doodabug is a living puppet and Creator Curator of The Light Lands. he appears to have invented his own imaginary friends that annoy him, which could imply that he has gone insane after Light Land's Creativity has drain. hes is created by Eugene Piper.



Zippy is a living broken puppet character, He has a plain white head with a drawn cartoon face with two small blue square plastic jewels on the left of the face (which represent tears) and a nail sticking on his fore head (which kinda makes since why hes depressed), with black cloth for hair draped down. he wears a purple jumpsuit with a purple coat and a purple wizard hat with a yellow ribbon on it. with two purple and yellow neck-ruffs on the jumpsuit and coat.


Zippy seems to be somewhat of a friendly Wizard to the population of the Light Lands, and may even considered being the chief, referred likewise by Shira Whidnsy, and evidenced by his staff.

Zippy is a kind, goofy but is Constantly gloomy, depressed and has gone insane after Light Land's Creativity has drain, and kinda walk slowly, but he did always dreams to explore new worlds.