Wonder Hills
Wonder Hills is where the adventure of LittleBigPlanet 3D begins. The Theme is a Frozen Wasteland with mountains, a Village, and a Shrine.

Level Description:

"In this Winter Wonderland you discover a village and the very tall mountain that is upon them, great way to start the Adventure" - LittleBigPlanet 3D

Story & Theme
Sackboy journey to the Wonder Hill where he meets Roger and the Residents of Wonder Hill Village, Roger tells you to go to Shira Whidnsy 's Shrine in the Greatest Mountains of Wonder Hills, Once the player gets to meet Shira, she explains that the Plot Book is stolen by Someone, and needs Sackboy to free the Creator Curators from there fantasy to open a "Dimensional Doorway" after that, she then opens up a Rift to Sackvile.

Wonder Hills is a Cosmic winter wonderland with a, with mountains and a warm village, and a huge mountain with a spiritual temple on top. The Background of Wonder Hills contains a a fence with lanterns around the area and a Village and Mountains in the back.

Creator Curator: Shira Whidnsy
Adventure Levels

Side Quests

  • None
Collectables - Number of Items: 36


  • Snowflake 1
  • Snowflake 2
  • Gear 1
  • Gear 2
  • Art Sign
  • Moon
  • Planet
  • Leather Armor
  • Wonder Hill Village Sign
  • Christine Painting
  • Norway Painting 1
  • Norway Painting 2
  • The Gardens Painting
  • Mountain Painting
  • Owl Eye
  • Shira Painting
  • Family Painting 1
  • Family Painting 2
  • Family Painting 3


  • Mountain
  • Danger Sign
  • Clouds
  • Sun
  • Planet
  • Gold Frame
  • Bird Mask


  • Russian Doll
  • Spiky Ghost
  • Black Boot
  • Purple Boot


  • Snow Paper (Sponge)
  • Carve Wood (Wood)
  • Purple Stone (Stone)
  • Gold (Metal)
  • Cracked Stone (Stone)
  • Clockwork (Metal)