Tinsel Park
Tinsel Park is the first Adventure Hub hub players encounter in the story mode of LittleBigPlanet 3D. Players arrive here after clearing Wonder Hills and have had the Organisertron tutorial. Tinsel Park is a Abandon Theme Park.

Level Description:

"The Wonderful Tinsel Park, This Fun park has attracted many People through their rides, It saw better days would you think" - LittleBigPlanet 3D

Story & Theme
After that lengthy Mountain climb, Shira Whidnsy encourages our sack person to set out into the Craftverse to rescue The Plot Book from the wicked Sorceress, First, the Sack will enter Tinsel Parts, in which He/She must make their way over to Eugene Piper who will introduce himself and helps SackBoy/Girl to find out whats going on. The player will head towards The Castle but it was vanish by The Typhoon, the same beast that ruined the Park and Sackboy must stop it.

Tinsel Park is a Amusement Park with a Magic-like theme, Statues and Animatronics are alive in this world. The background of Tinsel Park is similar to Spooky Mansion.

Creator Curator: Eugene Piper
Adventure Levels

Side Quests

  • None