The Song of Sack is a song in LittleBigPlanet 3D's Intro Movie. While many songs are licensed songs by many artists, this is the first LittleBigPlanet original song with actual lyrics. The song uses a Big-Band jazz style detailing Sackboy's adventures.


Are you ready to go on a quest? Are you ready to make some friends? I wanna make this special for you!

Do you know how to build? Do you think you got the skills? We're here for each other till the end.

Oh maybe we can, fill an empty void of the moon. We only got till noon. Spawn with me, score bubbles with me, Let's go!

It's time to head out and share, wake up from the ground, Jump in and they'll know that you got flare.

And if those bad dream won't disclose, don't feel very lonely cause I'am your charming rose.

So let us wake from our Pod, brighten up your day, There's no such place as the Land of Odd.

We know that your our favorite knit, you're the hero that fits. I'll be in your mind, no need to rewind, oh let's make a wonder world.