The Plot is Stolen is a cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3D, located in Wonder Hills.


[Sackboy knock the Shrine's Door and Shira Whidnsy opens the Door]

Shira Whidnsy: Oh, Sackperson, so Roger was right after you come back to save The Plot Book.

[Sackboy gets confused]

Shira Whidnsy: You don't know what the Plot Book is?

It's a Book that contains Stories of the Craftverse.

One of the first Creator Curators, King Author create it, so i have to protect it, while he was at work.

But now... its stolen, when i was away.

I don't know why who stole it, but you could help me bring it back, but you can't journey alone.

[Shira Whidnsy then opens a secret door with a light showing it]

Shira Whidnsy: You need to find each Creator Curators to join you, but they have their own problems.

And you must fix them before it's too late.

[Sackboy then enters the portal]