"Beware th' Poison Ocean Mateys"

–The Level's Description

Sea Port is the first of Chumbeard's levels in The Harbor. You have to Lift down his Ship and Navigate through a Haunted Lighthouse.


You start on The King’s ship (presumably this is where you ended up on the last level of the previous curator’s world), and arrived at the Sea Port, where you meets the creator curator "ChumBeard the Pirate" who tells you that the Mermaid "Cauchermar" spit the Water causing it to go poison, and wants you to pull down his ship, and the Player grabs on the sponges on the gears and pulls a switch, carrying the ship to safety, as the player jump on the ship, ChumBeard will jump into the ship, as the ship sailed, its stop, ChumBeard tells the Player to pull to turn the switches in the Haunted Huge Lighthouse, while avoiding Pirate Ghosts as one of the Parrot Workers in the tower tells, pulling each of the 4 levers will bring the platform that the ship is on up a little, the player jumps on the ship, and the conveyor belt will go left, but they end up being eaten by the Mutated version of Chumbeard's Parrot "Wilson" and the place will go dark and Music stops and the level ends with the scoreboard.


Chumbeard: Ahoy Matey, i'm Chumbeard Th' Pirate, Avast! That sea hag Cauchermar has spit th' water, infectin' th' water! Don't go fallin' into that horrible gas, or ye'll come t' a grisly end!

Chumbeard: Aright Matey! get t' th' Ship 'n will get sellin'.

Chumbeard: Argh! this Platform ain't Workin', Turn on 4 Levers in that Hauntin' Lighthouse, 'n will voyage t' Zola's Land.

Parrot Worker: Avoid these Deadly Ghost Pirates, each Levers will turn the Lights on, Scaring these Ghost, which particularly is quite significant.

Chumbeard: Egad!