Once the Train has stopped, Mother's Children has missing, Enter the Treetop's Strange Magic Crown, to avoid Robots, Fire, and Cats? Spooky.

–The Level's Description

Purple Tree Towers is the First Level of The Forest. The Place takes placed In a Purple Swamp, until you enter up the Tree's crown to Mother Owl's Children, sending you to different world, being made of Clockwork.


The Level starts after The Express, Where the Player rides a Small Toy Train down to the Forest, the Cart stops at the end of the Rail, where Sackboy ends up in a Gassy swamp, and jumps on 5 pliers that will sink to the botton, untill you jump on a long platform on the Tree that is rocking like a ship, while The Collector is Taking Three Owl, and Encounter Mother Owl who tells Sackboy that those owls where three of her children, that were taken to the Magic Treetops, She can't find them because its too gassy and tiresome for her, and wants you to Find them, the gameplay continues with the player swinging on a series of bird house windmills and meets 4 purple Cats visitors that came out of the Tree's Crown, with the leader (the one with the Crown) said That one of Mother Owl's children "Little Owl" is having problems, and there home is also rocking like a boat, they will pull you up once Grabbing onto them, once going up to the bridge in the crown of the tree, where its trippy and Strange with Purple and Blue colors, The Bridge leads Sackboy to the Cat Castle, as Sackboy has go through Fiery obstacles, while jumping on Evil Robotic Cat Guards with a Spear or a Big Hammer that only said "INTRUDER!!!", and meets the 4 purple Cats again to give Sackboy another lift, once reaching Little Owl, he tells Sackboy that her Brothers are also trapped in this 'Dimensional Fear' and one of the Cats sees the two Owls, being kidnapped by the King Jiangshi, and needs Sackboy to get to his Hot Air Balloon, And the Level Ends with a Scoreboard with the Hot Air Balloon behind it.


  • Mother Owl: Oi my Children were taken to the Rooftops of the Treetops, You must find them!?!?!
  • Purple Cat Leader: Hoy! aye-up Cloth-Kid-thingamajig? i'm the leader of this moggy Gang, will give thou a Lift to our castle, because our world start rocking samey to our rusty ships, skane that wee Owl was on our castle, hes worried, grab us to lift yeh up.
  • Purple Cat Leader: Will Welcome ye to moggy Castle, beware our Dangerous fire and robots, and soon ye reach the Owl, Great Luck.
  • Cat Bots: INTRUDER!!!
  • Little Owl: Finally you find me! My Brothers were also in this Crazy Dimensional Fear!
  • Purple Cat Leader: And those two Owls r' taken by King Jiangshi and Oi!?!?! his traps where bleedin' Dangerous then ours, Ride on our Balloon Sack Dude!