lbp: ocean heart is a Community Level Pack


volume 1

(volume 1 took placed before lbp3)

this story begins with a surreal mansion which is the home to melus who is trying to turn on a machine, but she can't, because she is lonely, which ultimately forming the spirit of the titan. This titan though, it doesn't wanna consume any ideas and creativity, it would rather take its frustration out on the citizens of mastoon. the titan possess her and builds a bigger monster body like in LBP3. meanwhile Sackboy arrives on mastoon, where he came to the party which is in the white cat kingdom (which is home to the magic book), but suddenly strange faceless creatures known as "Havoc" steals the book and they all run away with it. sackboy tries to stop them but the lead of the havoc copied the titan which become a big owl-like monster. after destroying the titan, the havoc enter into the water to escape. the white cat king tells sackboy that there is a secret hideout with four ninjas that will open the door of the sea, so sackboy go to the forest.