These are the Mini-games of LittleBigPlanet Party.


Name Setting Description
Tie Skipping The Gardens The intense jump rope experience is now a mini-game. Jump with the X button and keep doing so until you are the last sack jumping!
Bounce Pad Quick Save Non-specific Do you always want keep jumping on a Bounce Pad forever? Then be sure you stay in the air and not fall flat on your face! Here's a little hint: Push your chums away from getting to the Bounce pads!
Basketball The Factory of a better tommorow The factory's favorite sport has a party twist: there are many hoops in this area, the more your ball goes through equals more points, so dunk away!
Static Cars Party Planets It's bumper cars with a intense spin: a electrical fence has been put out. Knock off 3 lives off of your chums to win!
Cherry Bomb Plasma Victoria's Labratory In this Death Match, Throw Cherry Bombs at the other Chums, so they can KABLOOIE!!!, Your the only one who will win.
Book Eaters Larry Da Vinci's Hideout Da Vinci's Book are possessed and start to havoc the place, used your Paintinator to turn them back to normal, before they eat you.
Tower of Mask Bunkum Lagoon Survived this falling Tower by using your Boost Boots, the one who survived this will win.
Fashion Redacted Zom Zom's Fashion Emporium Choose an outfit containing different points. If more than one person choose the same outfit; they won't get any points. So don't confuse the judges!
Runaway Cakes Victoria's Labratory We mistakenly got on Victoria's baking machine, Avoid getting burned by the furnace and jump on the cakes to get into the lead. Be sure to avoid getting slapped by your Chums as well.
Wind-Up Non-specific In this Sackbot Race, Wind up your own Sackbots, to get to the finish line.
Stream Race Flower Power Land of Odd Ride your own Hovercraft to catch flower from the stream, the one who got many will win.
Picture Perfect Manglewood Marlon Random wants to create astounding pictures, and his solution for the four chums; fight for the shot. Try to pose before someone pushes you off!
Skulldozers The


Ride your own Skulldozer and reach first place. There is a limit to how much you can make them go fast.
Magic Blocks The Temples Blocks start raining from the sky! avoid them, but you can used them as a great staircase to the top.
Knock-off! Non-specific Four chums are balancing on a ball and must push each other off the stage. Last sack balancing wins.
Hallow Splash Monster Island The Hallows are now taking a vacation in The Island, pull the switches to the color paths that match their floaties.
Layer Launching Bunkum Jump on Layer Launchers and Collect the most Score Bubbles.
Sharp-eye showdown The Canyons Shoot whatever button is displayed on the target in three rounds. The first person to shoot gets a higher score.
Batteries Not Included Avalonia Welcome to Avalonia's Tech Arena, where each Slick could have there own Battle Vehicle, The one who survives Wins.
Wibbley Wobbley ape The Savannah Get your Wobbly Ape to the top of the tree and avoid falling fruits.
Suction Cup Kids The Factory of a Better Tommorow Suction Cup your way to the Top of the Fist, look out for falling stuff that happened for no reason.
Crete Escape Jackpot City In The Discard Factory, You need to stamp on a Crete, the Sack who gets the most Cretes Wins.
Open Drawers Victoria's Laboratory Avoid getting pushed by drawers from behind you and the ones you are standing on.
Rocking Horse Show The Gardens Ride on Wooden Horses and do the most stunts. Gain more points from perfect timing.
Rocket Car Drag Race The Metropolis Those rocket cars have been built with the slowest speed possible. Rapidly press the X button to get to the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race they say!
Robots, Attract! The Factory of a Better Tommorow Crank the Lucius Lucy and attract the most Sackbots! They really are fickle beasts!
Dust Drain Stitchem Manor Dust Rabbits are everywhere, and you all must suck them up by using the Pumpinator to collect them, but there is a wind up toy that will blow up so you blow them out!
Shuriken Stardom The Islands The four master chums will throw Shurikens at Sushi Monsters that sneaks through the Dojo.
Rhythmic Royale Party Planets It can't be a festival without music! Pick a instrument (from guitars to batons), choose a song and party till your stuffings fullest! Player with the most points for responding to the controls will be the ruler of the stage!
In Character Non-specific In this Game, you must swap the head, torso and legs, to match the character, if it didn't match the character, you'll be in a cage.
Outdated! Don's Progress Emporium Rotting food zombies are causing havoc, and you four have to fire at will at these zombies before they attack you.
Launch Time! Non-Specific Shake your controller to fuel up your Jetpack. The Sack who flies farther wins.


Name Setting Description
Ping Pong


Avalonia Its a game of ping pong, but with Avalonia's one-wheeled-robot-rabbit puncher, you must punch the disc at the other chum's goal, before he do that to you.
Claw Clacker Larry Da Vinci's Hideout Get These Multicolored Titan Orbs with Da Vinci's huge Claws, the One who got many will win.
Roller Hamma The Factory of a better tommorow Two Run on the Hamster Wheel to charge the hammer machine, if one charge enough, it will smash the other.
DRAW! Party Planets Two must draw your Guns, If ones done, it will shoot.
Plane Fight Newton's Airship This Isn't like riding on Plane fight, its a wooden sword fight on a Monoplane, but don't fall off.
Guardian Duel Stitchem Manor Used Nana Pud's Guardians to do a robot fight, the one who stand will win.
BeachBall Monster Island Beach Balls are like Soccer balls, two must used grabinator to throw them to the other's goal.
Paint' gonna lie to you The Factory of a Better Tommorow Clive wants to keep a serious organized collection of Sackbots. Shoot the most Sackbots with paint.
Sackfestation Investigation Spooky Mansion Several of our party guests went missing, and we believe they're in this particular room here. Find three hidden chums.
Ecstatic Escapees Larry Da Vinci's Hideout In a tall tower, the chums must jump and tilt the camera (with the controller) and must reach the top.
Line Raiders Non-specific You and a rival will used a crayon to draw on a pencil line, please do it correctly.
Hole in Run! La Marionetta In this endless run, You and a Opponent will earn points for running or jumping into each wall's safe zone. Please be quick now!
Meanie Bobeanie Eve's Asylum Those crazy Meanies are causing fires in Eve's Asylum! Squirt them with Splash Cannon before there fire spread on the floor your on!
Stack-a-Hollow Non-specific Where in this tower, without stairs and the Doors up high! you must jump on a Hollow to have it to stack on another Hollow then stack on another Hollow then stack on another Hollow!


Name Setting Description
Wall Banger The Canyons Two Teams, Two Walls, They must throw bombs at the other team's wall, the team who stand will win.
Dragon Race The Ziggurat Two Chums Two Chums ride on Two Mechanical Dragon, Each two will pump up the Dragon's speed to the finish line.
Walk-a-Up Land of Odd This Walk-a-up-Handcar will move up to the goal, by pressing R1 to move each Legs.
Beetle Tanks Avalonia In this Arena shoot-them-up, Two Team Chums rides a red/blue Beetle Tanks, the one will do the moving and the one will do the shooting.
Egg score Monster Islands Time to head to field and score a goal in a wacky game of soccer. Players will find themselves balancing on balls and must bump the egg into the goal!
Sleigh Down The Wilderness Get in sync with your partner and tilt your controller and collect the most score bubbles. Watch out for bombs though!
Bubbling Bounty bounce The Ziggurat One chum will collect the score bubbles and another chum will hold a Bounce-pad to help boost.
Blink and you'll miss Manglewood In a maze full of dead ends, Use your Blink Ball and shoot your way to the other side of the dead ends and meet up with your partner.
Escape: the Musical The Space Bass The Funkhole is coming up ya, and you'll endlessly run through obstacles and your partner will play the colored drums to make obstacles with the fitting color to vanished.
Toasty Turfs Don's Progress Emporium Shoot Jam-firing Paintinators on toast and cover the most areas than your opponents.
Stand-Off The Islands Two mountains,Two sacks on both of them. Two Sacks must square off in a slap fight. If two sacks on the same team has beaten their opponents is a win but otherwise, both of the remaining sacks of both teams must fight on the last mountain.


Name Setting Description
Hot Air Kaboom Bunkum Lagoon Three Chum must Avoid the Bombs that were dropped by the one Chum who rides on Hot Air Balloon.
Cannon Forts Manglewood Three Chums will used cannons to shoot mines (disguised as Coins) that will explode when it touch the floor, avoid them Cloth Kid!
Castle Falls Monster Island Those Chums will drop the BeachBalls, it will fall on the one Chum, and they will break part the platform that that Chum's on, hope he survived.
Balloon Loons Bunkum Lagoons The Solo Sack must shoot down the balloons off of the Rival Team. Avoid being locked at from the Solo.
Meat your maker Non-specific Yum yum, does those rotisserie ribs look delish! Apparently Matilda the rabbit wants those three Sacks off of the meat. The solo must use the R joystick to tilt the meat, while the three must survive getting their bottoms grilled.
Tea Party at the Asylum Eve's Asylum The solo must control a caterpillar to knockout the team and empty their tea-cups.
Lob Bombs The Factory of a better tommorow In a explosive game of badminton, Three players wield a regular size racket while the solo player must wield a huge size racket and must keep falling bombs from landing in their side.
Repeat after me! Non-specific The three chums must repeat the buttons and analog sticks movements the solo brings up. Anyone in team that messes up will be out.
Roll Roll Roll your Woah! The Islands The three chums must run on a wheel that is controlled by the Solo Sack. Be careful not to get electrocuted.
Race the Eraser Non-specific The three chums must avoid the Solo Sack's Eraser and it will erase the platform that the Chums are on.

Boss Battles

Name Setting Description
The Terror of the Park Party Planets The evil Negativitron makes his return and it's ready to deliver something for Disk Jerk-Y. Press X to throw bombs. The Negativitron might suck up your projectiles, so watch out!
Mechanical Malfunction Larry Da Vinchi's hideout Larry's machine has started created destruction around the hideout. Press switches with Larry's symbol on it as it will deplete it's health bar.
Kling Kong 2.0 Victoria's Labratory Victoria's scrapped Brainwave Machine has turn evil again...! Shoot out Cakinators, before he starts spreading jam EVERYWHERE!!!
Titan Overdrive Newton's Airship In this Dog Fight, The Titans has used one of the ship to strike the others, blast the Titans before its too late. Pick up missiles and press the X button to fire!
Trash Fight Monster Islands The scary old Trash Monster has came to this Island, and now makes havoc with its Electric Guitar, you must reflect its notes by containing them in cans. Shake the controller to throw them.
Turkey Shocked Factory of a Better Tomarrow Copernicus is smashing the Factory's stuff, you have to trick it to smash Five Productivitrons, to shocked the beast. While it's down, step on it's weak spot!
Oni Bologna Land of Odd The Terrible Oni has come back and starts causing a widespread of fire in the land, ride on a Fairy and used your Water Cannon to extinguish the fires.
Computer Bugs Avalonia A huge bug from the Negativitron is trying to download data off the central computer. Ride in hover machines and avoid obstacles on your way to deliver a explosive surprise.
Dice Block Bash Vacant In this Final Battle, we fight Disk in a huge ring. He'll pull every trick from his sleeve. Roll a bunch of dice and see how much you'll attack. If a dice lands on a Hazard sign, there will be serious consequences.


  • It is heavily implied that the Mini-games were published into a Factory manned by Clive Handforth. The Mini-games themselves were created by the Creator Curators whose Mini-games took place in their world.