The story and levels of LittleBigPlanet Karting 2.0

Worlds Creator Curators Rivals
Steamrush Gardens (A steampunk version of The Gardens from LBP1) Contract Mcbusiness The Spooky Goons (T, Boo, Morg, and Smelly)
David's Seaside (From LBP3D) Captain Dinnerbeard The Breakfast Boys (Bacon, Toast, and Cereal)
The Ziggurat (From LBP3) The Queen of Ziggurat The Matryoshka Sisters (Dolly, Molly, and Golly)
Prehistoric Fun Land (From Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves) Terrence Dactyl The Super Freezers (Freezatron, Ice Screamer, and Frosty)
Wilderness TV (The Wilderness form LBP1 but as a TV broadcasting studio) The Sharer (The Collector) The Spooky Goons (T, Boo, Morg, and Smelly)
Jackpot City (From LBPPSVITA) The Megabrain Boy Bop Boys (Super Joe, Super O, and Super Goo)
The Sewn Identity II (Tinsel Town from LBP PSP) The Director The Dirty Gang (Tom, Dick, and Larry)
Final Space Zone Contract Mcbusiness The CEO (Contract Mcbusiness, Jonny and Tommy) and The Spooky Goons (Evil Ten, Boo, Morg and Smelly)


Start of Story

Sackboy and Friends were testing out there Karts in The Gardens, just having a good time, but then the sky reveals a giant star, that falls to the ground, which makes the tracks twisted and making the everything in The Garden into a robotic vehicle-theme city place, and Sackboy and Friends must go to the Star and it reveals to be a huge racing tournament by a rich man named "Contract Mcbusiness" who wants a Winner to raced through dimensions and challenge 7 other teams to have the "Titan Jewel" (a powerful jewel that mixed dimensions) so Sackboy and Friends, with a help of an Engineer named "Ten" must race the 7 Racing Teams to get it, but they have to watch out for pirates called "The Spooky Goons"

End of Story

Once Sackboy and Friends beat the 7 Teams, and after racing Contract Mcbusiness he now gives them the Titan Jewel but the pirate captain T stole it to powered her Hover Kart and reveals to be Ten with a mustache, the real Ten who is tied up, came up tells the Sackboy that it's not her it's a version of her from an evil version of Craftworld, Evil Ten tells them that she plans to use the Titan Jewel to turned every dimension including Craftworld into evil places like her dimension. and so they must stop her, after defeating Evil Ten, they manage to get the Jewel and leave Evil Craftworld to closed it, now with the Titan Jewel kept away in a box, Sackboy and Friends and Everyone have a Dance Party.