LittleBigPlanet 3: The big pixel quest is a DLC for LittleBigPlanet 3 released in December 18, 2016.


When we last saw Sackboy and friends they return to craftworlds and go to party after the party (pretty much two mouths later) they play a strange pixel game that suck them up so they beat the pixel game.



  • suck by game - cutscene
  • pixel odds
  • 8bitty and big
  • pixel sock
  • 9 swoop bits
  • boss battle - boss level
  • blow by game - cutscene


  • lazer bits
  • bitty pizza


The pix bomb

The pix bomb is a Power-Up for Sackboy. The pix bomb is a new Power-Up for sackboy, which allows him to throw bomb constantly when R1 is pressed.


  • "level Ace" (Gold) Ace every Adventure level in The big pixel quest.
  • "Collect the Collectables" (Silver) Collect %100 of the Prize Bubbles in The big pixel quest.
  • "boss defeated" (Silver) after defeating the boss
  • "level Completed" (Bronze) Complete every Adventure level in The Journey Home.
  • "thats one spicy meatball" (Bronze) Complete bitty pizza.
  • "8 bits" (Bronze) using the pix bomb.


  • Larry Da Vinci
  • mr 8
  • mr bit
  • chef gamer
  • lady maze
  • the boss


  • It, the LittleBigPlanet 2: The Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling, the Cross-Controller Kit, and the journey home are the only three DLC stories that are not be based off of another game, movie, or TV series, but a LittleBigPlanet Story Extension and to have all of it's costumes in the kit itself.
  • this is the last lbp3 dlc till lbp4