Beauty but Messy, This type o' shore be pure Danger, wit' Ghost o' Pirate who board this shore, 'n th' Fish that attacked them!

–The Level's Description

LAND HO! is the final level in The Harbor. Its were you must fight Cauchermar Herself.


The Level starts with Sackboy in Skull Island's Escape Tunnel, Chumbeard tells Sackboy that his Sub was in Cauchermar's Shore and warn him about the danger that is in it, Sackboy jumps on Chumbeard's Ship letting it move, the place will go foggy, and the Ship stops at the teeth-like gates, Chumbeard tells Sackboy to find the lever to open the gate, as Sackboy navigate on top of the gate to get to the Gate's control room while Avoiding Ghost and Sea Creatures that Slithered on ground, Sackboy manage to open the gates, letting Chumbeard's ship to move again, and gets lifted to on top of Cauchermar's Wall by the same anchor that Cauchermar was sitting, and Cauchermar appears from the water, and the boss fight begins, Sackboy has to Avoid Cauchermar's Gas Spit, while on the ship, and a switch appears out of the ship's floor, Tug the switch to make the Chumbeard's Ship move upper right, Once the Ship gets closer to the Magnetic Key, the Ship will swing to Cauchermar, bumping Her off the Stage for good, and letting the Gas to Vanished from the sea, and Chumbeard Flys out of the Ship with Wilson, allowing access through the tunnel to the Treasure and the Submarine and the Scoreboard. Before you leave, Chumbeard pops out of the Treasure, and tells you to use his submarine to go to Zola's Place.


  • Chumbeard: Aright Matey! Hop! on me ship so we can get t' Cauchermar's Shore 'n Find that Sub.
  • Chumbeard: This Scurvy-lookin' Gate be blockin' our Path, Ye must go find a Lever on top o' this gate Sack-Thin'.
  • Anchor: Intruder! Must bring Indruder to master
  • Cauchermar: What! This Sackboy Again? guess i'll Sting you myself.
  • Chumbeard: Shiver me timbers, Thank ye Sackboy, now ye must used this Sub t' get t' Zola's Land, that Mermaid can nah harm th' Water now on.