Dreamtimes is the first level in LittleBigPlanet 3D. it introduce players to the game's world.


At the beginning, the level is drawn into existence. Sackboy falls from the stars, and into the Cardboard world, and Stephen Fry welcomes you and tells you how to move and jump. As you run along, you come across two instructional videos, one telling you how to dress up, and the other telling you how to act. As you advance through the level, the place becomes a celestial world of both stars and snow, until you finally arrive at Gold Area, where Sackboy encounters a Huge Door, the Door opens up fully to reveal a Mountain-based world. After completing this level, the player gains access to your Pod and Wonder Hills


[The Level starts with the checkpoint and stars being drawn into existence, the checkpoint reveals Sackboy who falls from the checkpoint and land on in a very pitch dark place with only a spotlight following him.]  

Narrator: Well come to LittleBigPlanet. 

You become a wooly being of imagination called. 

A Sackperson, which is the one your controlling. 

[A sign appears, showing the Left Stick moving.] 

Narrator: You can move your Sackperson by moving the left stick/ 

walk slowly like a tiptoeing cat, or go fast like a Motor-Powered Snail. 

[A tall platforms appears with the X button under them] 

To jump, Press X to do it. 

Narrator: very good! 

You can also move your camera by moving the right stick, to look any direction. 

[Once looking at the Door, it opens.] 

Narrator: Great job, Sackthing, now on you go, your journey awaits. 

[When you go to the closet it will access the Tutorial Video about Dressing]

Tutorial Video (Dressing): While in you first debut theres is a problem.

your naked.

you need to dress up like the others.

and to do it press the ☐ button to open the popit then select the costume icon by moving the left stick.

In here you might pick a costume piece whatever you want.

And wants your done go back by press the O button.

[Video Ends]

[When you go to the theatre stage it will access the Tutorial Video about Dressing]

Tutorial Video (Acting): In LittleBigPlanet, some Sackpeople has a blank expression.

because they're busy making a level or completing ones.

So we might test your act on the D-Pad.

Press up to your winning fun Smile!

Down makes ya Frown.

The Left makes you Scared, like (GASP What was That?).

While right makes you Angry like a war is gonna happen!

And if you hold the L1 Button down and press the Directional Buttons, your Sackperson will become an animated cartoon character, Happy Dances, Funny Taunts, and Wild Celebrations.

Are all part of a Sackperson duty.

[Video Ends]

[Once you encounter the big Gold Door.]

Narrator: Wow your doing a fantastic job Sackperson now made your way at this door.

[The Level ends with the Door opening up to reveal Wonder Hill]