Disk Jerk-y is a Creator Curator who is the main antagonist in LittleBigPlanet Party.


LittleBigPlanet Party

Disk Jerk-y was once a popular entertainer to have at a party, however despite his fame, Many people wanted to become his friend but he was too attached to his career that he was never aware of this, causing his latest party to go empty-handed when his audience took all of his Planet materials. One day, when he was coming up with new mixes, he hears a party going on; which is the Planetary Festival, celebrating all the times Sackboy saved Craftworld. Jealous because all his Planet materials were being used as part of the festival, he brought his Shaper Machine to recreate Craftworld's threats from the past to sabotage the Planetary Festival and take back all his materials alongside Craftworld's prize possessions.

He was mentioned by multiple Creator Curators that he caused destruction around their Board levels. He is finally encountered at his home; The Game Room in Vacant.

After Sackboy and friends has defeated Disk Jerk-y, he apologizes for the damages he caused. Sackboy forgave him and invited him to party with everyone at the Party Planets as he got chance for friendship and a restart at his career.



Disk Jerk-y is made out of the plastic and metal, His head is a huge plug, his eyes are lights, his arms and legs are wires, he wears a red and grey striped shirt, his feet are red metal discs, and his hands are white and plastic.


Disk Jerk-y once enjoyed making everyone have fun at parties, but was furious when all of his Planet materials were taken away, although he doesn't know the real reason why. Disk Jerk-y was said to be a admirer to Sackboy because of his heroic act to save Craftworld but got upset at him for all the attention in the Planetary Festival. At the end, he seemed to act very kind to have friends at the party that his boss battle mini-game was made as an actual game in the Mini-game arcade though he doesn't mind about his past.


  • His name is a play on words for Disk Jockey (shortened as DJ since this is his occupation of his character.) and Jerk (Because of his behavior in the start of the main story.)
  • A running gag involves having Disk Jerk-y monitoring his televisions through different objects.
  • It may be possible that the Creator Curators actually didn't know about Vacant, which explains why Disk Jerk-y wasn't invited to the Party Planets.