The placeholder media contains files that were made solely to purpose as a placeholder for missing media or for test usage.

Source of placeholder media

The files "Relaxingsuburbanhome1.png" and "Relaxingsuburbanhome2.png" are screenshots of random houses on Google Maps (Arkansas, U.S.A. and Wales, U.K. respectively), thus they belong to Google.

The file "Enya - Only Time Lyrics-0" is a lyric video of the song "Only Time" by Enya. The song is under the label of Warner Music.

The file "Camellia - LET'S JUMP" is a video of the song "LET'S JUMP" by Camellia, also known as Cametek. It is not placed under any label.

If you believe that these sources are incorrect or that using these files is an instance of copyright infringement, please contact me at this page.

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