This character is part of a discarded project. I will leave the character pages here for display, but that will not change me from discarding this project. Thank you.

Bommie Dynamo is the Creator Curator of Cherry Bomb Farms. She's a farmer and soldier for the military.


LittleBigPlanet Karting 2: Imagisphere's Doom

The player comes across a farm while looking for the reason why random objects all over the Imagisphere are exploding at random times. Bommie teaches the player the basics of using special powerups that you can't get from the Weaponator ( Bombs, bazooka, etc. ).



Bommie Dynamo wears a cherry red short-sleeved turtleneck top. She wears a stylish bow on the top of her head that match the top she wears. She also wears a pair of red and green rubber gloves. Her pants are baggy and have a camouflage pattern on them, and matches them with big brown leather boots. She carries around a sash but with nothing on it.


Bommie is very loud and bossy. She's energetic and loves exercise. She can also be calm on certain occasions, like when she's gardening or preparing a meal that contains cherries.


Her name is a play-on-words of bomb, which is what her head is, and the female name Bonnie, a name that comes from the Scottish word "bonnie" which means "pretty" or "attractive". Her last name, Dynamo, is a funny word for "dynamite", which is a type of explosive.


  • She is the first LBP character to have the most relatives, ranging up to 2 cousins and one sister-in-law.