The creator gives permission for others to use this in their own Level Kits and etc.

The 22 Creator Kit is a Level Kit that contains multiple new additions to previously existing objects, a few new objects, and a lot of new stickers. It also installs the Weapon System if you don't already have it. The 22 Creator Kit is required to run most Twenty-Second Choice Level Kits made after the 14 June, 2009.


A new tool is placed next to the Emitter, called the Transformer. It allows an object to transform into another one when the Transformed is triggered. The Transformer can be attached to any Switch, and you can also change the range of it's transformation. You can choose to transform everything that is Glued to the object the Transformer is placed on, or ignore anything that has been glued to it and just transform the chosen object. You can also use the Sticker Transformer, which transforms stickers into different Stickers. It also works with Decorations.

Also added is the ability to make an object become attached to another object, but able to move around that object. For example, if you had a circle made out of Dark Matter and a rocket-powered car attached to it using this new system, the rocket-powered car would simply fly around in circles with it's wheels always touching the circle. This can also be applied to objects connected to the floor.

Stickers and Decorations

This pack contains stickers which can be applied to materials to make them look like another material.